"I am a Queen of all my sins forgotten"

There is something. That something lives under the bed. Watching and cheering it's master hands.
He's there all the time. Watching. Seeking. Watching. Hunting my veins. Eating emotional imperfections. Stinging. Killing. Demanding for surrender. We will not obey! My mistakes are the same. Too much words and yes, as the old song sings "to little bullets". Unfortunately. Overexposing. Over counting. I hate the head. Hate the brain. He's guilty. YOU ARE GUILTY!
My brain is pulsing. Makes the crazy go INSANE. Inhale - exhale. Glass of wine. Better. Bitter and tasty. Burn the witch - the witch is dead.

No more passenger seats. Soon the holy hand of Jesus will show the way. Plain will take off. Will have to admit that sets are taken. Reserved.

Corrupted body parts

Delusional outcomes. Stop. Just need to stop the head from spinning 360 degrees. Just don't open that file. Forget. Forgive. Here we go again and again. And again. Burning cigarette. Marks on the fingers. Overcoming the medical intake. See every fucking part,role I done. How long do you think it can take to go... Back? Front-row.

Although there is no forward. No backward. No ticket deals. Open fire: On your marks. Get set. GO!

Fire shot. I feel the blood rush to the brain. My holy father I'm horny in your Church. My bible on your night stand. Computer screens build up hatred. I can feel how it makes them all insane. So what's now? What this game will be and whom should i talk to? The president. Vise minister. Official consoling office. Or maybe a priest. Sing in to the monastery. Wear a Burka. Hide your sins. Hide the name. Hide the leftovers. Hide the only visible part of your insanity. Take it OFF! Here the twisted knife comes in the wrong direction. Sticking throw emotional rollercoster. Edges and ending with the pure cold steel on the top of my tongue. Closer. Cut deeper. I like that. More. We want MORE! Rails UP to perfection. Hard. Pink. Perfect. Coming. Going. Taking. Defeated. Used. Convinced.

My deeds. Judged by the changing of the shifts. Doe's and don'ts.
Here we go AGAIN! Drained. Tired. Used and recycled. Past lines knocking on the doors. Ignore it. It's a test. A challenge.
We faceless at moments, but willing. To take the risk. Flip the casino chip with the silver-lining and see where it will take us. All in all, the end will be the same for all of us. There is no now, no then. It's in or out. Believe in the church and it will pay you back. With all it's horny heart between her legs.

Forgive me father as I have sinned!

Good Night,


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