Redressing in an airport

It just did. one, five, tree, six, two, four. The bell echoed in the ringing ear. What was what.
Plot lines. Story books. Top fives. Collections. Apartments. Wind, rain, snow. Drivers, tickets. Stop. Metro, Train stops. Bus stops. Plains. Check-in. Check-out. Have a nice flight. Thank you for using "....." service.

Single sampled tiny cream, sugar. water. Metal detectors. Cabs. Bills. Electricity. Poses. Walk out, walk in. Smiles. 10000 different faces chatting. Running. Departure, arrival. Being late, being out. in. on off. positions. hand luggage. Welcome to "..." current time... Temperature. Captain - cabin crew. We wish you a nice stay in "...".

Silence. Fast walking motion. Toilet door. Big cabins- good. Look right -left. Empty. Lock the door. Thou down all the staff. Open the suitcase. Redressing in toilets. Romantic isn't it? Pull on the stockings. T-shirt. Pants. Fix the lipstick. Re-brush long knotted hair. I'm ready for the next round! Flash-backs. Moment flash in the back of my head. Smiling. Brown-eyes looking back. Warm. Touched the lower lip again. Pose at the door. I don't want to go out and meet the "real" world. But, there is a ride to catch, a plain, and a booked taxi. Off I go. But oh, wait. Five more minutes. Deep breath in. And I .... go.

Red nail polishers. Paper tissue. Make-up removals. Foot steps. Smiles. What time is it?
Again and again it spin-circles. Ceilings. Different metal, classical, neo-classical, industrial buildings. Chess games. Alice, Snow white. Cats. Street, coffee cups. Ashtrays. Cigarettes. Pillows. Bed. Oh, five more minutes. Light -out!

Good Night,


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