White Storm

Fitting time frames. This is what all this shit is about. Fitting some fuckers time frame. The undeniably misogynistic, racist fucks and their non erect time frames. Need to put a tape round self – do not cross. Over. In the process of. OFF. ON? Step on the pedal boy. Lets play who can sleep louder and scream slower. Step over. Move across. Not in self. This process of development is kept in hand. A hand print. Black and White. Infra red. Digestible. Time is passing. Floor is making heels itch to step over and under again. No.

Sound of nervous twitch and white sky.  Hair smells of formaldehyde and someone’s rest in peace .  White tablecloth and glasses of wine. Silverware and festive appetizers.  Frames and faces. To – From. Smile. What a surprise. I always wanted!

 Pass through driveways and packed parking lots. Tried. Tires and black cars. On white roads. Hungry passengers and eyes full of. Light. Fire. Works. Lakes and woods. Scared animals. Barefoot on the snow. Hidden bottles and nausea. Water. Feet. Foot. Stones. Do you see? Grey. Lights. Offers and promises. Suggestions. Inflammations. Irritations. Confessions. Now do you please the collarbones. Touching god. Reaching. Self-explanatory surgery. Still.  

Peace in moments. In frozen lands. What a line. Oh what a line. Your interface is breaking….  All the hate and all the glorification. The race for happiness and divine intervention. Damn how good it tastes. How soft the apathy and sweet is the storm.  

Good Night and God Bless,
Queen of Disorder,
Sonia Dietrich 

All images are copyright of Sonia Dietrich 


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