:: Dedication ::

Waiting. Seconds are passing my fingers. Decisions to come and make. Used up and trashed. Overcoming the new wanted experience. It never happened. I never did. Stopped. Thinking is it worth it? I guess not. So I didn't. Decided not to. no no. I have a free blood stream. Missing one and only. I want so bad and... Make-up removal comes handy.

They where calling up

and go

They had put in their best, oh. If only they knew. That it's better to watch they're back. Cause there is a knife and a nitroglycerin stash. Let it come up as a surprise. Wanted. Stopper. To much to revile is never good. It's party time after all. So lets have some FUN!

Streets where packed with embryonic idiots. High heels and cheep cheep skirts. They felt a presence of a witch. I loved the scared look in the eyes. They wanted to touch. Never dared. Breaking hands. Fear. This what happens when you deal with a wrong "cookie". Suckers!

Day changed in to night. Curtains moved. City screamed as a tortured animal torn in to peaces. I was willing, wishing and missing... It hit like a thunderstorm. Couldn't move. Pressure.

And now, all polished up. Ready. Brand new model. Insides are burning with knowledge. Knowing what it brings and has. It's in the water. In my hardly smoking lungs. One the tip of the tongue. He's a discovery. A mystical creation. A wind swirl with all possible rules and unexpected normality. Smooth...tender and willing! I will build a 10 000 Chinese walls. No transposing. No pasaran! Instincts for survival and protection. Have left the shovel to rest. Shoulders...toes. War is not over yet. It never will. But for a second, my army can take a deep and resting breath of fresh air.

Good Night!


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