Ballchained Sound Pervert

Waiting. My hands got bored and heavy. I miss the intellect and the mouth of tongues. Being a captive. I held it tight. Hoping time will be generous. How stupid. Definitely not on MY side. Red kings on my ashtray. Foolishness going up - down. I missed him. Hold it. Impossible. Not my cup of tea as they say. Missing is a death row just with better outcomes. Scratch scratch - on the swollen parts.
Jiberish, falling. Coming back together. I hear the radio signal. Hes near. Any second now. Any second. Slowly, breath slowly. Careful. It's like being death and able to hear again. Raising finger throw the keyboard. Near. Near. Near. One. Two. One...... Go!

Check the pulse! What is under the fingernails stays privet. Peeling off nails soon become real. I want to have that bible of his. Put it on my chest and feel how that holly water fills me in from the inside. The sheets under my toes. Hair in the gasp of labyrinths. Smooth vibrations.

The inner voice of memories. Black light bulbs. No faces. We watch them all. We know how to deal the chessboards. Jealousy will suffocate them. Burning the lungs and intestines. Although I wish them well, we both know they will not survive. Envy, Jealousy and Hatred will eat them all alive. And if it will, let them know.

I love my PORN

Just choose the right angle. And the story will come to you. Bribing you to come and serve. Watch it. Listen. The sound will rocket fuel your imagination. Listen to the beauty of raw lo-fi miracle, it will put you off the wooden stick.
It will spread you open. Invade your intimacy. Your coexistence. World will spread it's legs. Someone likes to kneel. I'm all unsafe. It's the revenge. The catharsis. The holy spirit. The last gasp. The burning shoe collection. Lauder. Want it lauder. Floor is sending it vibrations. Going throw the spine. Temperature rising. Wat stains on the wooden polisher. Breathing is harder. Closed eyelids. Again and again. Looped sounds. Know every single second of the track list from the church. I'm your nihilistic Nun. Venum. Sounds giving in. Injection. Forget the rubber band. Fuck........... . .. .. .. .. .. . .. . .. . . . .. OH! Flashes. Pulsations. a perfect twitch. Restrain jacked is necessary. White powder on every inch. Come on in. . . No lubrication needed. Just DON'T touch the sound switch. And get the hell out from here. It's my porn. I'm addicted.

She got up from the floor and put on there album. The rest is a privet penetration. So mind your own busyness in your little world.

I'm masturbating to the perfect and the best porn ever made. PE is the holly bible on our night stand. And yes, he likes to watch!

Good night,


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