Jarboe flashbacks - sideefects

I don't just don't. She sings me out. The river fool! Time is growing - limits are boilings... We don't know who writes what. No no. We have the vision underneath the poisonous sin. Spinning and thundering through the intension of the will being. A child unborn inside the fruit of sinful knowledge with the forbidden frown. A legend boiling in a juice of waste . You whisperer last time we've met the eye of the creator. Thant you had seen Jesus, yes son?

No intension to confess the overruled word. Sinking in too deepness of the voice and the sea of transcendental illusions. Opening of all the possible veins, no changing can talk in same voice Now, i feel how the cork bowed a hand bomb in the ribcage. Freedom of suspension and demolition.
Forget the known and the wanted mastery. Told them, that there is a monster in all of us. I fall in to the void of the ... dots.
Women are burning the feet of an enemy. An empty blizzard is walking on it's own 4 feet. Arms of unconscious and unrecognizable. Numbers numbers numbers numbers.... we do we do we do we do .... on two on four. I have the answer... you have a question. on, in.
The eyes are sending light installations. light delirium. spoiling of the moment. back again ... now now now... to much cake to eat they say.


Open, open, open, open.... breath it in. Vibrating under my feet. Open the wind swirl. watchers will watch, baggers will sniff. I opened my mind. Stiffness came in. cold overruled me. Red water in a green grass. Just a satisfaction of visions. You got me. Have a bitch in that cage. Rip it off. Translate. Transfer. Come on.
We both know you are good at this. Pray for me! Pups - it's all or nothing. coiling in like a cork screw... read it or leave it.
Unconditional strong bondage will save the forbidden and delighted.
Good save the KING!
Ans yes...As i told the one in black " we all have a monster in side of US"...

Welcome to the kingdom of mud!
Good Night


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