Holydyas in airports metal chear

...The simple ride of joy
. And toys in the suitcase...

Sitting in like footless rabbit in a hole. No way in. No way out. Bandaged with out reason or a wish for the first time. Stay reasonable they whisper. It's time. Times is the one that is guilty. Time will pass. If so, who will spin that fucking plate with numbers faster? Lubricate it!Keeping silence. Moaning and terrified. Little ants walking on two feet where defeated by the simple acid rain of ashes. Whats next? Will you keep it best vegetarian behavior?

Will you bee so kind and stop looking over your shoulder. As it doesn't work. It have no potential. No easy out come. No easy landing. Cotton-candy in the jet engine.
And here comes truth. A leading star on the local TV show. No departure. No arrival. Dear Jesus fucked us all. Made it perfectly public and simple. Reminding WW II. Stay in your fucking country and weep. Ha-Ha! Joke is no ants now.

Grey sky is sinking in asher of revelations. Opening of stigmas on foreheads. Oh, so dramatically wonderful. So pure and so perfect. Pushing him away, just because the need is overwhelming and collapsing airways. The unneeded freedom is choking us. Wanna stay home? Honesty. What could be better. Yes-Yes. Just don't forget the shotgun. Even a standard pistol issue will do.

The old vocals sing: time = sky = nonrefundable. The "IT" talk about the second front. So here we are ladies and gentleman. Fucked by natures favorite. And the glory of Jesus will lead us all the way to hell.

Sit. Stay. Wait. As we all need somebody to blame.
Bless you all, in and under.
Your overdosed guru.



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