Eater egg is a cum-dumpster star

He talks to me. The bible is right. Who is wrong then. Now that car is going thou the wilderness of hight roads and freeways. Tension. Boiling blood. My ego is mixing with poison. Feeling are constructing... Root 66, 99, 57, 89. 93. 23. 50. Being in a head. Being under the head. Putting the head in-out. Frustration. I mix Led Zeppelin with Family Man and new tape list. I hear the same lines in every track. No mater how many of them had shifted.

I checked the weather there. Cum-dumpster of misunderstand on the top and soil under. Choose your favorite position. I hear only one thing. "The bible is right, the bible is right, the bible is right!" Again and again and again... looped. FUCK! My selfishness was eating me alive. I just needed to know what i already know. It's a huntress.
My intestine spit-out blood. How come this is all looped. There is no more questions, still the fucking cockroach is biting my brain. is he, is he.... Using, abusing, loving, hating. I missed the Son of Sam.

WE NEED TO TRUST SOMEONE ONE. Closets, mirrors, shelf, doors, old wallpaper tons of postcard and old painting are staring at me. I feel them on my dear shoulders. The intolerable weight of the past. The other one try to get to the picture again. Don't want to. But she is still on the self so who has the bigger body count is still a mystery of four. Baby wants a rock'n'roll "nigger"!

List for the day had millions of tasks. To do and not to. Still, I had a perfect white-trash episode. The arm of God touched me from the inside. Nothing will save the sinner now. Addictive. Confessed. No more protests. Flashed it all down the toilet. Glancing from above to the plate of yesterdays parties, realization reflected like badly stomped Charlie. If every hated would have a vibrator, it would be easier to kneel. The modernity of new-age philosophy is a curs-word. Just tell them as it really is:

All the thing you try to build is nothing more than a sand-castle. And you will NOT fit in it. Even if you try to sniff, drink, eat and choke on every single and taken good from Alice table.

Don't loose your balls at the egg party.
Good Night,


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