IN between :-: when pages are SHIFTING

I never liked little boys and adored shaved heads with pearls. Probably it's just one of thous days. When all goes to spiraled roots. Drowsiness kicks in. 5 days to go. then the final count down. A decision to make ant more chemicals to take. We stand in line at the shore. Viewing no horizon and filling out mouth with promises. Mistakes. To much to say to little time.

Moments flash in front of misleeded army. The sings of past battles. Keep it up. Water level. Too much changes in the weather. Too many bullet sounds.

Foolishness in rebirth. In attempts. Speak to much - bite your tongue little whore! Never liked what turns out on the page of forgiveness. He is there again. Hes back. Under the bookshelf. Idiot. Hate that stair. Thinks it's perfect. The other on is on the train going in circles. The other one is sitting strait. The other one is counting the days. The other one is praying. The other one is striped and strapped to the bed. The other one is on his last pill. The other one is gagged. The other one is pretending. The other one ...

Should be walking in white. A long white dress would suit him just perfect. A baptism dress. As a ghost. As the game he loves to play. The game where he is a:
  • The strategy leader
  • The main character
  • The prisoner
  • The god
  • The holy sufferer
  • The little boy
  • The crazy genius
  • The fallen one
  • The dead one
  • The one with the wish
  • The one who try to reborn
  • The lost one
  • The powerful explosion
Then the other page. No beep sounds. No radio transitions. Falling in the moment of who and where. Changing roles. It hates to be on the other end. Cant concentrate. Need to go. Ready to burst. All the emergency exits are waxed. it's 5.10 in the morning.Division CD is spinning me in serpents circles. No way out now. Update. Update. Update. Quote:

"Blood lover. Blood hater. Blood creator. Blood destroyer. Speak NOW - or forever hold your voice. It's YOUR choose"

My hair is trapped in endless swirls. Even on mute. Fingertips are moving under the sheets. Will never get tired of counting. Never enough. So strait foreword. So right to the point. Someone will pay for it. Light out. Light in. Light on. Just don't forget to breath.

Working again. Finely. We are back!
Now it's time to go to my corner and pray.

Good Night,


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