Seconds After Life

On the phone, so far away. Light a candle. Positive - negative tests. Are you praud of me. Now. Yesterday. Forever...? Break in half. Easier to consume. I am an Easter witch. Glitter on the television. Parents house. Trapped. Spin the lashes sideways. Not quite here. Diagnostically. Forbidden. Not approved. I smell smoke. Are you knocking on her door. Don't want to know. Will break the fingers one by one. Hide the body. Tomorrow. They will know. Today, I am sacred.

Just Play Dead

Just Play Life

Just give in. One spiking noize signal. Decay. In plastic. Underwater. Touch it. So much hate. Inside the walls. Have nothing in between. Should watch the other way. Technically dead for almost 2 minutes. Violent. Watching. More. So much potential. Take it.

Just Play God

Not enough temples. Don't fit the profile. Tiredly. Breathing. Covering your tracks. Tired of playing. Just don't come clean. No one votes for truth. Ever. Fever. So many burned paper licks. Counting clock ticks. X rays of purity. Happiness is not cheap. Scratch that smile off. Rearrange my chooses. This is the place for slow motion entrance and Mozart "Requiem". Swallowing the tube of enlightenment. Time out, part two. Back on Absinthe. Past in the future. To late of enhancement. Leftovers of my face on tissues, scattered on levitating ground. It's time. Bigbrother screen is recording decay. The fall and the immortal high. Don't lift it. Feels comfortably wet. Your my big red with out a package. Just bring in the flesh. Nothing can surprise me anymore. Your committed. Oh YES! Vomiting angel dust in the holy water fountains at your church. And the rates are UP! Inject me with your honesty. Just don't be greedy. I can take it all. So understanding, a purification specialist. Your world of genius. right. left. So shes the Mary and someone is a whore. Right? Yes!..

Just Play Time

Don't worry. I will keep in quite. Swollen. Thank you for the warring. Don't worry. Still purely unusably comforting. Bring in the anesthetic! She's still alive. What a tragedy. The pulse is so misleading. And so, the church bells kept on playing. Pedophiles where getting a peace of sacred body, a gentle glance at the leading man. Sun shined and all the birds where served for the lovely family dinners. Boys where still picking their noses and girls where still playing with the forbidden dirty parts. All is good in heaven. No one is missing. And her... the lovely young body is floating somewhere in the Neris, waving to Jesus. Holding tight to sacred stash and bags of someones cum from the pre-genetically modified holocaust era.

The curtain dropped. Theater was empty. Silencer had won the war again.

Good night and god bless,
Sonia Dietrich


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