Oral Fixation

Self control. The sense of usefulness and using. The ego and the ID. Pure identity. The super ego. The parallels. The hidden patterns. The wishes and needs. Burning slowly. The trought in suffocation not by choice. Skin to white. She is beautiful. The tabloid shows connected. Are you sure about that? Sickness is spreading. It is in the lungs, head, hands, fingers. It occupied the body. Every cell speaks, mumbles, interrupts each other. The DNA had reached the twisted end. Spirals spirals spirals... Blood group: AB (IV) Rh (D) +

There is no savers. Singing so silently… SO gentle… Will you come to my hole, six feet under. I want to hear that song again. Keypads feel trapped and raped under the fingertips. Nails. Dig in. Who gave me the right. Sometimes. Wake up and don't know where I am. Walking shadows on the walls. No reflections of the dream land. Church bells every 15 minutes. He has a weird car. Dream diaries need to find the place. Foot steps. I know. Edit. Delete. Swoop. Quote. Replace. Random. Target. Practice makes it perfect. Speed. Mania. Tubs. Back of the head turns purple. Blood rush. I know the timing. Shift. Intimidated. Swollen. 3 stages of development. Hallelujah. Bending fingers. Wire tightened around the wrist. Pressure. Relief. Stop. Never. Don't! The feel of power brings angels down to earth. More. Again.

And then they start. Looks from the peep holes. Spy holes. Whore holes. Digestion. Do you have a club card? A VIP badge. A secret. Bag. A stash. Substances. Memories. Icons. Bibles. Endless galleries of forgotten ashes. Mascara. Eye liner. Powder. Don't forget the bone. They are ready. No surprises. Not looking for company. Offers. No thank you. Go away. Get lost. This is the time with no pulsation. Dive in. Mirage. Recovery time. Skirt to tight. Don't think. Women's world. Push. Pull. Door handles are screwed off. Hate mondays - fridays. All the same. Differences on the golden platter. Tubes. Constant blood checks. Have you taken. Yes. Doses. Does it works for you. Make next appointment at the front desk.

Dj Skinhead - Extreme Terror (terror mix). Come ON! The way it was. The way it sucked you in. The way the basement had no oxygen. Stroboscopes. Strobe phobia. No faces. No water. Perfect emptiness of suffocation. God bless the rave times. The happiness of not knowing. The perfection of low experience. All gone. Now and today all is used up. Memories bring the sweet undertaste. Too much light. To much buddhists. To much door to door advertising. Silicone walleye. Chipped children and army forces. Ampules at daintiest office. Here comes the low. Time out.

Plug your self

Good night and god bless,

Sonia Dietrich


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