She was a perfect little girl

A long long time ago, there was a little girl. She lived in her own little kingdom. And then, a big bad wolf came along. He was like a knight in a shinny armor. His voice worked like a magnet. She could not resist. After short time, he told her, well he made it obvious to the public, they will never .... never.
She knew it was a lie, he didn't abstained... After a day of so, he started to hunt her. He was everywhere, and so she ran... The woods where dark and heavy. But she ran as far as her body could take her. Oh yes, the body! The body was feeding it self, it was boiling and all the thoughts had turned it to necrosis. She became a little princess. She knew the wolf is watching her, but from where she stood he was to far away to reach. It was a secret. They still played the same game. Hide and seek with a twist. - Yes, i like it with ice. He once told her. The touch was inevitable, as it struck her as a plague. She was never the same.


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