Queen Of Bad Influence


My carpet says - happy hour. I think it's a sarcastic remark towards Viktor Pelevin, how grim can we get. All is so posh and polished the anticipation towards the real world keeps all talking in resonance. Cover legs - there is a whore policy. Depending on the moment of voice and buyer/payers rights. All is great! We smile. Shaped in jigsaw puzzle. There is no shame in that, just don't mix pepper with salt. Putting toothpicks under nails and coffin lids. Just to have a peek. Whether the other one is still breathing.

Wine and cigarette buts. More possibilities for the fragile and wasted. Oh the game the game the game. Remembering hunt the hunter, kill the killing and consume the unwanted. The taste of tomorrow. We gain the grade like kids in high school who learn where the toilets are. And how to pick chewing gum from the wall so the peepholes would be exposed and exposing. The gentle view. The crucial state. The elimination. We all know how it's done. Twist the bottle, chew the cork.

The mathematical proportion is simple. Talk when you are talked to. Geometrically we are all from the same cloth. Licking the white lines - we are all gods! Unbecoming creatures covers is sweat. Bright and big eyed. Going towards the sparkling pearly gates of Disneyland. Kids and Kings. Speaking hunger and licking thirst. Believing into something that appears from time spent combining cells into organs.

The factors and visions. Safe space under camouflage serpentine. Rather then. Just in case. It's an emergency. Too far off. Wondering in songs and motions. Too communicatively forward brings idealistic tendencies. The slightly twitchy ladies and their pills. Dosed to oblivion. In the leopard coats with no eye movement. I am the Queen Of Bad Influence! Hopeful. Metamorphic resurrections and theme songs. Remastered tendencies. Air is burning, woods have many voices. Perhaps there is a danger tag on the coat I am wearing. But all is good. It shines and sparkles. 

Wooden boxes. Never knew the language.

I Solute You 

Good Night and God Bless,
Queen Of Disorder
Sonia Dietrich 


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