Ophelia and the Reflection

I watched the day pass me buy, waisting by every breath. Body looked strange, reflection motionless. Body was noshes and sick. Still. Body could bend itself into the strangest positions. Body was missing something. Body was barely breathing and ready to go…

In the mirror sky was battling the storm. It softly cuddled every raindrop that was killing the o, so rare summer spirit. Time as passing. Air was getting lighter then thicker again. One never knows when the last day would strike. In reflection. Alasdair Gray passed making his judgment. Body was slipping deeper and deeper into layers of unpacked cloths covering the bed. Suitcase laughter at the collection of single shoes , bras, suspender belt, laced underwear and protecting sun tan lotions. I never knew how day looks at us while we pretend to go on…

Today I watched the day. Rain slowly killed the hours. Bed was almost transparent and barely caught the eye. I watched the day in reverse. Thought the big closed mirror. That soon will be exchanged. Eye watched them self while the outline of the body lost it self in the bright light of by occasion winning sun. The storm took it all way. As soon as the light was gone, body disappeared with it…

Day lost it self in my misanthropy … I lost my outline. Stomach was confessing the wrong doings that brain disproved in the first place. I never knew losing a day in the reflection of itself is that simple and mesmerizing. At some point it was 20:56. I envied the emptiness of the stomach as if cheating to the fullness of the frozen mind. 

My arms barely raised and touched the breast covered by laced black bra. I could see and touched the pierced nipple. The reflection did the same thing. Mind reacted and realized it's being the third in this contact communication. It started to get darker. I knew you would not read this when I wished. You would of wouldn't. I sank deeply in to the hole that appeared in striped red colored bedding and felt the warmth of night take me away….

I understand and wish to continue

Good night and god bless
Queen of Disorder
Sonia Dietrich 


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