Forensic Psychosis

Reaching points of consolation. Plastic wall have barely visible grey stripes. You sink in the same vomit while making a pass. No. STOP! Falling always the same way. But this time I burned every possible path for them to walk on. Nothing to proof. It gets harder to wake up and deadly to breath. Pure poison. What a word play! 3 sets of lips and one face. What a lovely picture. Between your legs there is…. 

YES! there is. Someone raped my muse. Inside the left right lobe. Between the legs and fingers. Do you? I do not. Outsider. So I will move in to another cave. Surrounded by burning building while inhaling acid. So that the veins would destroy the free speech of the sinner. Taking out garbage that was collected for too long. In the middle of the ocean naked body got the blessing. By the one. Only one thing matters, kill for love. Cut off the head. My shoes made of soft tissue and tangents. Body changed shape and size. Eyes became focused. Are you almost famous? 

Inside-out. Here you burry a body, separating limb from limb, scattered in 300 kilometers radius. Preferably wider. Are you there yet? I am tired of drawing them maps. Take it in out and deal with the fluids. Up the dosage. Reduce the intake. Isn't it sweet? Assumptions. Lift an eyebrow, naked shoulder. Lifting, pressing down. Slower, faster. Purer. I have a flag above my head. It's not that easy you know. Represent, come on! Represent and lick the ground. Stand the ground. Tastes like digested candy-floss. Around, above, between. In squares, triangles, duplicated couples. Now, not yet. Perhaps tomorrow, before yesterday. Towards day after, inside day one. On top of, in a week, got in advance. Do I burn it? Watching judgments participation.  It happens the same way all the time. Never understand who is what, how is who and where is that. Mathematically perfectly simple equation.

Psychotic breaks and bubble gum. How much shit can you work thought? White spots of red glitter. Artery is close. Can you hear blood moving thought your body? Puke. Avoiding the monthly visitation. Man in white loved my dreams. 1 year 4 months and 17 days ago. And today what? Is there a cure for mind. All they give is poison in chemical sleeve. The beauty in the silver wrap. Too many steps. Too little. Doors. Where was the wrap of heaven when it was needed? God is on my side! Yes! Between the lips, inside the. DO you look at your self enough? To see the shit layering it self around the oral intake?  

On the main step before the entrance there is a parade of emptiness. Some vanity fair for the gifted. It's on the page 73 of the manual. You are in rotation. Blessing the market value. In the clean view, there is too many titles. But be forgiven and forgotten. Time value dropped. Cola won the debate. Sing spells: 

Under new Management. 
A bullet proof vest.
 A poster child.
A model citizen
 A balanced act.

Good night and god bless,
Queen of Disorder
Sonia Dietrich


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