Concrete Ejaculation Calles LOVE

Pierce me like a syringe with your honesty
tell me all the things I presumably do not know
in ventricle spirals, 
The flesh that is sacrificed for knowledge and prosperity  is fucking 
with the fluid filled cavities 

Your horror of deception is condescending, 
elaborating need for touch 
on timetable marked red patches
I could embrace your index

Is this you, who I must gather form the corner 
of the counter, licking the fingers
I hold on to my coffee cups 
discriminating the food,
you fools!

This altar of sanity in the hands stretched out to wide
is showing the oblivion of thought 
for many reasons undressing in the central station 
in the hall way, 

This is not why I came here - For

Good night and god bless,
Queen of Disorder
Sonia Dietrich 


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