Bled black. Rivers of black chased toes, running down the thighs. A to catch root B and dismember challenge Y from meeting chromosome XX. Changed my name, my surname is non existing. Sleepwalking. It was the sea…. the sea that you conceived in the middle of that desert. So many different paths where covering me like snow that never fallen.


headlight off brain splits in two particles. ready for take off. the alarm clocks and signal. the ship is ready to go after to lands of the free. looking for the celling to take the windows. counting the wind blows. brilliance in the headphones calling. roads, roads and passengers. all walking towards the wall. boys in suits of dead and skinner alive labs and ships. their babies burning in the duchess hot-pots.

slowly in the morning, the corporate slave consumes the finger printed hooks. the questioned lingered toward the floor board carvings. paranoia is defeated. all is perfect in silent moment of forgotten heaven. it's a good fucking day.

A-Man _ AMAN

someone becomes an island. 
prayers have a gender. 
my interaction suddenly poisoned me
the conceiver
the eater
the killer
the hunter
the user

use the user 
hunt the hunter
kill the killer
eat the eater
conceive the conceiver 

the ones of tomorrow and yesterday have no today
a very smart person told me not to seek happiness in the same place twice
recently i remember it more and more
but doesn't it makes this world even smaller?

you made me in to a wire of fairy light
the darkness in you is deadly
the surfacing bodies hit the sea shore 
i collect pebbles and bones

white is the most terrifying color of all, it bring the reminder of our own dirt and filth that we carry around with us. the erect resurrections of iconographic masturbation. going underwater, there only there i can forget about the sound... hunting. lurking under the bed. in staircases of someones foolishness. why is it so important to become a part of.... 

childishly banale things are the most honest things there are left
as we poisoned everything else
to be tough and painless 

   starting a new religion with out a man on cross
or between the nails 
between the legs 
of the woman that he fears
this addiction to normality is the biggest sin 
and the worst conviction

not hiding the scarlet A

Touch your self...
Good night and bod blesses
Queen of Disorder
Sonia Dietrich 


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