Modern Paraphilia Bride

A modern day Romance

In a modern day town

With a modern day values

Modern bride. With cum on her upper lip. Dressed in absence. Touching her own shoulders. Counting stockings and corsets. In line sitting in the train. Time. 2 down 3 to go. Dividing attention. How did it happened. That every second becomes blissful torture. Spring lambs already eaten. Mental Health assistance is offering jobs for someone with proper "education" in the situation given. Meaningfully indicating that all is for-granted. Application forms and secondary emotional context. Someone puts someone out of misery. Fingers are tapping the rhythm of borderline conjunction. Bipolar squirting. Step away from the penis. Mind was whispering… Not a nice girl. No. No. Don't introduce to your mother. Stone he while it's not to late. No prosecution.

A modern act of emancipation

Harder. Longer. Stronger! There is no title for morbidity. One is triggering the outline, other is putting out fires. High pitched noise goes straight to the neurons firing chemical imbalances. You see, all is pretty simple. If lay down and stay down is a modern rule of disconnection. Then somehow, someone needs to just - KNEEL! In the corner that was picked by a specialist and his maid. I forgot to pack mascara. There will be an emotional massacre. For them once standing in line for the better future. 7 men and one bottle of beer. The Alpha male has just reached his stinking primer number. Dissatisfaction had filled the air with the stink of metal cans. It's better to fall, then to have no destination. Little houses with same colored curtains and lullabies. Abandoned factories of past glory. KNOW YOUR ENEMY! The Chernobyl generation. We where suppose to be unborn. CUT out. They where meant to get rid of us. I was a lucky pick. Over abortion time. So my mother was ALOWD to keep me. funny, isn't it?

For a modern day bride

18 months of reassuring tapping on the back. Red circles in the water frames and vanilla scented air fresheners that bring back taste of others. Before. Past tenses and tense muscles. Where are the publicized manual one speculated about. For some time now. Background keep changing. Red stockings left their charm. Black becomes the favorite non color in the colored land. Every night there is a scratching from under the floor boards. Every morning there is resentment for the clock.

A modern day prison

For a moden day mind

Touch your self. Don't look down. My body's an ocean. It gets lighter and lighter. Coma came to me from down and under. In the end of the day its not about the stars, or the sun, or the glitter I ofter mention. The seconds of emancipation. Coming back on the walls of pleasure and reassurance. They say birds sing a pretty song. It reminds me of funerals and over populated cemeteries. And birds are screaming. There is no escaping the sound. Like fire alarms, they are everywhere. Like privet abortions in the 50's in basements of clinics. It's funny how limited our emotional responses can be. Don't speak, don't scream, don't rase your voice, keep quiet, a month gag is probably most popular item to buy online, a woman wants to be choked, a man wants to dominate - to be dominated. I want die while cuming. God is not on our side. God shut him self in the public toilet in the underground while fucking a crack whore… and there is no shame in that!

Christians where still singing. It was still raining.

I was remembering

Good night and god bless,
Sonia Dietrich


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