Shameless - In Filth We Trust!

Placement. Satisfaction. Death is given equally to all. The only human right that is unchallengeable. Unchangeable. Perfection is more real and reachable then truth. Lines get heavy. It's 13:21 and frozen glasses stooped producing milk. Made out of silicone - FAITH!
Applause come from recycling garbage cans. What is talent and is there really any. Some where fighting in wars with dignity. And what can we offer - child slavery. Golden labor. All want to be traceable. Special. Cute and pretty. I dare you to tell me your life story. My dear airhead.

Dieing grandparents. All in search of quality. Are we there yet? Alcoholics in epileptic shock. He is afraid to drive me home. Hope! His self-destruct button is burning hole in his head. Father. Why does he disconnects, your lover. My IQ count reached the referral. Refill. Tattoo my hair-roots with your emptiness. I want to move. Upgrades. Consult with your doctor. The big bad wolf is living quietly. The offer you tar in plastic. Treason!

Like shopping lists, so needed at the moment of perches, so useless and disposable afterward. We stand our ground. All in blame of time. Given. Taken. Wasted. Screwed. Understand. Understand... Understand! Why don't gods just shut up. Hear them talking! Preaching on every page. Following you home. They sneak in my bedroom. They touch my records. They use my vibrators. They sleep in the closed. I bought a cross.

Would chose a porn career is someone offered me lobotomy. Offer's from suicidegirls. Lobotomy. Would rather leave signature on contract with fairy god mother. She sells coke in a stones 50 a pop. All so called fetish life is boring. Fetish clubs and privet parties are full of glitter. Counting. Rental mattress is covered with various DNA samples. Some known, some forgotten. Costumers are attracted to "pretty". Even in porn they deny the their true desire - filth!

So keep your mouth shut! Speak when spoken to. Smile and open - only when something is pointing to "its" direction. The are still trying to heal me. Hate little bitches that play with medical psychiatric conditions. And so it goes. "Nothing new under the sun". Difficult to deal with. Tasty. Should I write blow-job manuals for wannabes? Don't close the door. Shameless. Judges judge cause they cannot create. Come ON! Put another occupation to the list. Bridges. Tablecloth. Rope. Scissors!

put it on repeat

You want fresh meat - I want a magic wand and AK - 47!
Happiness dispatched.
Sharp and ready!

Good night and god bless,
Sonia Dietrich


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