A will for a mortuary or a need for Steel






Every time I pass that little concrete building, which sparkle of intoxicating shade of grey, I get the feeling that there is something more to the body then just organs...To the spirit if you please. Some find the sanctuary in the church between fake gold and overrated characters. Some facing heavy metal gates of steel.

In the corridor that offers a funny smell. And one get to wonder, is this it? Is THIS the place one should stay? It strikes as that feeling of being a child standing naked in the field near the lake in the middle of night watching stars fall, summer breeze covering your every pore and hair root. It seems your toes are rising from the warm soil, you are almost crying as this moment offers you perfection. You watch how stars fall in to water and water fills the fields. Trees become a part of you, they talk to you, leaves cuddle as the loving hand of mother, grass tickles your thies and it seems even the annoying mosquitoes, which get so hungry at night time near the water, disappear. You only hear their gentle buzzing - their lullaby to each other.

So maybe, just maybe, the room filled with steel tables and drawers for bodies in the peaceful rest, is that same field, just a bit smaller, the same lake – just a bit drier… And just maybe, every time you enter that corridor you re-join that special connection you had with yourself, nature and death; that you had that particular moment, when you were 7 – standing in the middle of the naked nature, digging your toes in warm soil and uncovering your true self.

Good night and god bless,
Sonia Dietrich


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