Hide and Seek

Once upon a time there lived an evil monster. He fed on virgin blood, tho not too keen on virginity. Like a cheap whore he promised cure and passion. Vibrations and cum signals. Dirty pictures and fantasies warped around controlled substances. Don't be scared little Alice. Patient. . . Head is exploding. Pulse is between 110 and 95. Mind is playing hide and seek. Waiting. Counting beats of the clock.

You see, all the thing in life that are killing us, are the things that we can’t let go off. Ladies and Gentleman - we are in love with the shit. We eat it. We sleep in it. We have in on stage, in the TV, in the classroom, on the news. In the diner with the morning newspaper and cup of fresh holy. In computer screens, in banks we count it. In hospitals we treat it then eat it back words. And there is no fetish to that. Just the representation of the thing we call "life"!

They cure it with religion and angels. With prescription and confessions. But why cure? Watch the fairy dancing in 30£ shoes and dirty dress, is she what you want? I will buy her for you. So you can put her in the box under you bed. She will work on the table, under table, in shower, in the closet, kitchen. No placement preferences and no batteries needed. Lasts at least for 4 year. She needs no insurance and eats reasonable amount of food. I like to play. She likes to watch. Let's play hide and seek.

So here we have the role of human nature. We have different scenarios and people playing all together for a reason unknown. The healing places and the outcome of it. I am undone. In the middle of the group with water running down my face. Their god is running after me. Tho it is not the god that put down claws into the flesh. Kill all the living to safe the dead!

You see me, dear enemy - I can see you in the mirror. Your smile is a smile of a traitor. I will kill you and give birth to the other one. Warning - aggressive manic woman on board. Count your fingers: one too - one too. Yes right - now stick them down your throat and sequel for me! Humpty-dumpty sure did fall of his wall, so now my dear you can step on him and see how far you can get. Watch him suck the heel of justice. No regrets!

Time. The simple remedy for the wasted. High on pills and soul leaked morphine - we walk in line. Sky is violet and ground is white. Like the cocaine you forgot to bring to the ward. We sleep on time and puke on time. We shit on time and pray on time. We eat on time and talk on time. We "live" on time, Diagnostically - a bitch with a benefit. And what about you?

If you sell your body you’re a whore - if you sell your brain you’re a traitor! There is nothing more to it. My fairies fuck angels with dildos. And doll parts sparkle from fresh golden star shower. This game of hide and seek is pre-ruled like the last square that makes one the Queen. Air stinks of burned off pink feathers and this wonderland is warped in rubber. At the pearly gated, horseman of the cunt apocalypse are dealing angel dust by the fair-trade rate. Are you ready? Cause we are waiting for you!

Good night and god bless,
Sonia Dietrich


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