Code Red - Code Black

The framed words are freeing the existence of self disconnection. Mind can't rest. Breaking fingers. Fingers crossed. Have painted everything black. Nails. Lips. Walls. Floors. They tell me there are gray spot. Lies. Body parts look like grocery shop special offers. Christmas turns-on in the fire of splashing, blinding stroboscopic lights and masked passengers. Performance artists and acts of clarity. Mixed episodes. Cleansing assaults. Come over. Contagious.

He tells you paranoia is just a part of highly confused and inflamed ego. Perhaps. Disappearance of the contact leaves a trays. I wonder… Letter boxes and perfumed spots. Apartment floor looks like holy mayhem. He is scared of emotional impact. I am on the payment pass time line. 01h14m. Dirt. Dirt. Dirt. Stare down the barrel of the gun. Board games and fortune wells. Not. One above. Below. Chant it out. Tare it from the ceiling. Wave. Embrace.

Who cares for who. Mazed. Amused. Trapped. Never thought it could turn out this way. Breaking bones. Daily intakes and forbidden emotional holocaust. Check the light bulbs. On. Off. Fading. Sound of the poisoned moments. Move the hip baby. Pick the card. Pick the board. Pick the rule. Pick the ticked. Pick the seat. Pick the shoe. Pick the bottle. Pick the inscription. Duck tape. The shine of silver is so tempting. Holes. Looks straight in the eye. Abandoned property. Leached. No more.

Leave the paper work on the table. My little secretary. Note said: " you can go and hang your self". Bottomless pit. Rails. Underground. Metro. Plains. Windows. Safety instructions. "What is said in fight club - stays in fight club". Lets play. The happy gas. The happy pill. The happy mask. On the watch. On the run. On the go. Don't loose your routine. There is something more. Know it. Tasted it. Felt it going through the blood stream. Accomplishments and appeal hearings. Life has so much to offer. Pass on it. Poetic intoxication. Stop running back to old times. Code red. Code black. Alarm off.

The written word swallows it self. Fingers covered in yellow nicotine stains on the black liquid vinyl. Masquerade. Gift lists and swollen gums. Fingerprints. Healing wounds. Lotions. Potions. Special K! Crystallized. Crash. Book on book. Leg on a leg. Line on line. Pictures. Frames. Lip gloss. Blood pools. Match the senses. Frontal lobe contradiction. Shaking hands and fingers banding backwards.

Make it Work

Good night and god bless,
Sonia Dietrich


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