"This world is a Mistake"

Sleep is a mistake. A conspiracy put in you as there is no answers and dream as poisoning us. Giving hope... Seeking for answers in the blanc pages. Repeat. Space. Shift. Enter. Blackspace... Num Lock! Supreme memberships. Sharing is a curse of intellect connection. Look. Deeper. Privet space. Shared space. Honest space. Fragile space. Boundaries are made-up. Ex-something. Current. Swirls of the cotton in the air. Your chaos is a perfection... Push - pull. The sound of the past is mixed with a dream of tomorrow. Sensitivity to the light. Window shows changing pictures. Out side building roof advertising says: "HAVE FAITH IN GOD". This is not the end - no the beginning. In the middle! Thant means the crack between two cliffs. Wanna jump? And then, they talk about anger management, vitamins, safe sex, future of the children, nourishing skin creams. But what if, all there is, is anger. Watching mothers of the dead screaming in agony - anger. WE ARE THE ANGER! The one that is born and created lives with anger till he ends it. The golden thread has an expiration date.

Here. Where the left ones are eating their breakfast 4 hours too late. Where sidewalks are covered with my insomnia. Seeking a reason in every breath that was not taken. Said so many unnecessary quotes. Night are long. Days are chocking. Somewhere. Across oceans and landmarks. Miles, kilometers. Diagnosis. Swirling in the gray brain material. Put your self in the correct position on the self. Fog. The gelatin capsule erupts.... put it on hold. Leave us your contact number, your first mane and we will get back to you as soon as
possible. The sound of piano in deep minor. People change at the counter. Tables get cleaned. Dirty dishes. Circumstances. Look at the picture. Black car is approaching my innocence. Blow...

"it was the voice of someone who was waiting in the shadows
who was looking at the moon and waiting for me to turn the corner
and enter a narrow street
and stand with him in the dull glaze of moonlight
then he said to me
he whispered that my plan was misconceived
that my special plan for this world was a terrible mistake
because, he said, there is nothing to do and there is no where to go
there is nothing to be and there is no one to know
your plan is a mistake, he repeated
this world is a mistake, i replied"
Current 93

Days. Hours. Action. Step back. Time is running out. Dogs are barking. Visions are put up side down. I have seen a man made out of matches. Faces in the wallpaper. Avoid the poison - misunderstanding. Burning skin turned to ink. Ink turned to pattern. Pattern to a vision. No platforms for 3 weeks. Are you comfortable. Look at the time, it is almost 6 o'clock. Time for tea in glitter powder... Just remember - the dogs are watching! So put your self in line.

Good night,
Sonia Dietrich


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