I carry Jesus in my wallet and inside My bra on the left side. They say it's the place where sinners heart takes place. Prosper. Foolishness. I believe in it. Two braids are tighten around the neck. I am in search of a personal execution with an intent to sanity. I think of Richie. That LP tells you how segments are getting attached to each other. It comes again. Fingers slip in. Times stop.


We are obeying rules that do not exist just to prove a point to somebody. Just because we not know better, just because we where raised this way. They are sensitive to the violence on the screen but do nothing about it. Don't you realize that YOU are guilty. You are a part of it. A part of the circle, a part of the wrong doing. A part of the political-correctness and is erupting this world. You are putting a gun between my legs and pretend you know how to use it. If you do, then go ahead. If you don't , you are a hypocrite like everybody else in this world. You do nothing good, but consume and keep silent. You watch hardcore porn and are ashamed of it. You wish to go into bondage and hide it under the priest cote. You are the worst play-date and the whore under you pretends she loves it. You are nothing more then a waist of space. You are the reason i want to get a magnum and play Russian-Roulette. Sitting in washing off. I pushed the sensitivity limit. He knows now. Should I put it on again, the wonderful mask of the wonder-woman.

We went to the gate and stared thru the metal. It rained. Cold reminds you of early childhood. The place near the lake... She was there. He kept us really close to each other I feel the need to confess. How easy was it for him to cover it all with innocent occult needs to save the planet. There is things that you see. And things you will never be able to explain. As how one bring judgment on the other. As how the breed reaches the level of abnormal stupidity. I looked in to his eyes back then. He told me i made the car stop. Not much in the file. Walks near the lake. Glimpse of the back door to the garden. Concrete pavement sidewalks in the local park and that little house in the woods near the lake. Corroded salvation. I am your mind. OUT! There was no walk away points back then. And now, the leftovers are hunting. God bless! I will sew my self up and go back to believe in statue. There is no past. There was no future. Next. God Bless!

Good Night,



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