Unopened envelope

It takes only one lick. One hip bone move. One slight tender touch. One pill. One shot. One bullet. One kick. One sound. One smoke. One picture. One breath. One glance of the corner of the eye. One step. One word. One confession.

Hes out. Again.

Sight gap in the closed wall. A pattern. Unopened envelope.

Flowers on the night stand move and dance when lights go off. Blooming. Growing. Shrinking to the light of the new day. Mornings. Screams of construction workers. Reminders of old horror movies of early 80'ies. No stooping now. Conditions. Colored paper post its. Note pads. Unreadable writing. Scribble. Stamps. Signatures. Milligrams. Codes. Insurance. Matriculation numbers. Cards.Cards. Ant thou pockets full of cards. Micro chips. Press out name tag and logos.

Meet the new market.

Communication. Body language. Nodding. Yes. The one and only word stuck in my throat - YES!
Ignore the ignorant and stay at exact same place. As long the the walls keep waving. Cant stop, just not now. Running from one pad to the other. One button. Red-blue-green-violate. Green.
Smells keep the show running. Don't let go of the knot. The silver lining.

P.s. I see it, watching YOU,

Good Night,


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