The vibration under the feet, this is how it should be called. That one second when the impulse comes from the fingertip to your brain. A slight, slow, pulls stooping touch....

Forget the past! Nothing there, nothing here. Left - right! Inhale - exhale. Time! The corner is still shivering, I see it. The bright thing under the last shelf. The memory. Sound, smell, vision.

Positive outcomes, shortcuts, lists, pages, words, lines, light bulbs, HD quality blue ray black screens. Number writing with no purposes. It makes everything disappear. White blanket is face to face with the mouth. Put it on top, smile and hope for the positive outcome.

Body count games are nice. But they tend to distract our positive way of thinking. Bad for the vibration. The zooming sound. Pages full of nonsense.

Concentrate on the spot right there - the bad bad
ceiling man told me. Hm... Yes, indeed. What was she thinking? Just make it happen. Full body cast is working clockwise. The blur is taking over.

When control is giving it's last order the public shags. Impulse is hard to obtain and impossible to reserve. It will find you when you will be on the right path. Lose your routine and dive in my dear.

Good night,


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