Ashes to Ashes

Some how it just meets at the check point. if i had new back then what I know wright now... the scale of justices would move to other direction. voices would had a different tone, hands would not shake. gloves would fit better.

The wight of emergency rooms is getting shoulder tight. i know it's coming back. everything is going back to it's usual status. finely no one could trick that treat. the ashes of yesterday are everywhere. my fingertips got heavier. there is a cave deep inside the hills that guides the cracks.

Usual VIP staff is working on the edge, overeating, over sniffing, overspending. over. costumers are all the same, nothing had changed back there. we will feel the difference only when it will be to late. artistic status. viral infections. poisoning equipment.

Flesh tissue is getting old and falls down on the soil. soon a tree will grow there. the only thing that is still biologically pure. after a year the fruit will grow on that tree. it will get as big as the ego on the one, who watered the plant. Users will come from everywhere over the globe. they all will want a part of the pure ego. The first bite will make it's eater an unstable genius, whom will blow eternal artistic bubble. the fruit will get rotten in the a second and no one would ever taste it again. visitors will get the feeling of pure rage. they will scream and fight each other. the ego will grow inside of them, and the bubble will turn bigger and shinier.

After some time users with get distracted form their urges and needs as the light of the bubble will catch everybody's attention. hypnotizing colors and sounds will blind and deaf. users will offer everything to the creator of the bubble. willing to get in they will sacrifice everything they ever loved. and he agreed.

When everyone got in, the genius clapped his hands. the inner space inside the bubble turned in to a mirrors. the ugliness was so disturbing. everyone inside dropped on the ground and screamed for help and salvation. they wonted to get out. but their egos started to eat the from them inside. looking glass grow thicker and thicker. visitors where face to face with each other and with their reflection. after some moments the bubble got hot and melted. the mad genius went near the leftovers on the burn out soil, got on hes knees and had eaten the tar. he grow big as the world itself. then an atom reaction was made. he exploded into nothing.

From ashes to ashes!

This is a fairytale for today.
Good night,


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