ALFARMANIA and Violet Black Mist

The time had come. It's risen from ashes. Home town with all it's gypsy ghettos is somewhere under my red fingernails. The dark and cold Vilnius was talking to me. After several hours the smell of the rotten streets was so gentle and warm. Tempting and so familiar. Home sweet home. Then in the evening the grotesque wonderland of filth and porn opened up. There was a wonderful sounds coming from a dark basement. A leftover from soviet times. It was the best present for the sleepless night and 2 plain flights.

It was wonderful! Finely here in Vilnius we have some projects which with honor can be called Power Electronics. "Pogrom" and "Clo Goelach" pushed the red button inside my head. They made me do IT! MAGICALLY DIRTY. Like an old autopsy documentary, you can keep you hards off the screen. A need to touch is so strong. It's calling you, a lady in a fleshless dress is eating your desire. What can be better than deep and wholesome sound of PE.

As by mystery I had a part in it, here is the play list:

Nicole 12 - Substitute
Nicole 12 - Playground/Lolita Love
Survival Unit - Murder For The Mission
Folkstorm - Information Blitzkrieg
Mz 412 - Burning The Temple of God
Nazi UFO Commander - Strange Monasteries
F/I/T/H - Come Closer Cut Deeper
Subliminal - Coping
Subliminal - Gracebudd
VA 3A4ICTKA - Fuck The Modern World
Grunt - Europe After Storm
irm:virgin mind
Genocide Organ :IN-KONFLIKT:
Deutsch Nepal - a silent siege
Skin Crime - General Modification
Government Alpha - Sporadic Spectra
Atarax Morgue - Pathophyciolagy
Brighter Death Now - INNERWAR
SHIFT - Bulk
Martin Bladh - digre;the peter sotos files
VA Break Your Face
Brighter Death Now - Kamikaze Kabaret

It was a lullaby evening. Peaceful, in full harmony. A best fairytale before bed time.

Later On I got a nice surprise. The Alfarmania box set reached me hand in hand with "Nicole" an
d "Golden Geissel" tape.

Now dark violet lips and red nails are sinking slowly into Alfarmania box set.

"Martin Bladh - Digre;The Peter Sotos Files" is perfect to go near the Alfarmania LP. The "Dirge" CD is deep and pretty as a dirty old hospital. People tell you they're most personal stories. And in some twisted way you feel close to them. Almost in love and compassionate to they're life... Mesmerized by the sound and experience. The fantasy and the mind of an artist and the rapist. Hallelujah!

Good night,
Sonia Dietrich


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